Germany - Eifel-Ardennen -EVEA

EVEA - International Youth Commission

The International Youth Commission of the "Europäische Vereinigung für Eifel und Ardennen" (E.V.E.A) organises European youth activities in the Eifel-Ardennen region every year. During these youth meetings and exchanges the youngsters should become a view into the society, the social situation and the profession-world of the neighbour countries. The practical living and working together should do a contribution to the growing-together of the European youth in this region. The co-operation mainly takes place in the region Eifel-Ardennen (in the four countries France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany) but also with other European regions using its connections through the Platform Network.

Eurovisionen / Freizeit Kreativ

In the video you can see our most popular and very traditional youth exchange taking places every year for two project weeks in Germany at the "Jugendburg" in Neuerburg.

This project is open for Platform Network members since more than 20 years and every year we are hosting +/- 90 young people from 8 to 10 different partner organizations and countries.


Since 2017 we are offering an international youth exchange open for Platform Network members as well in Luxemburg. Round about 40 young people discovering the German-Luxemburgian border on bicycles and using mobile media technic to develope their own media projects.

European Citizen's Prize

For its various activities the Europäische Vereinigung für Eifel und Ardennen (E.V.E.A) received the European Citizen’s Prize 2012 of the European Parliament.