Platform Network Activities

In this video you can see a summary of 2014 Activities which shows various possibilities of mobility actvities within the Platform Network.

A Platform Network Activity is an activity hosted by one member that engages at least one other partner from the network. Activities are the best possibility to fulfil the objectives of the Platform Network. There are different kind of activities, most of them to support youth mobility and intercultural learning, but of course to share experiences and good practices and others. 

The Platform Network Activities (camps, youth exchanges, ESC) are mainly targeted to youngsters aged 13-30.

Our Activites have various different topics (Sports, Media, Travel, Social work, Intercultural exchange) from all kind of non-formal Youth Work.

The most common activities are defined and described.

A Youth Exchange

A youth exchange is an activity, which brings together groups of young people from two or more countries, providing them with an opportunity to discuss and confront various themes, whilst learning about each other’s countries and cultures.

Platform Network activities called youth exchanges are mostly financed by funds of the European Programmes.

A camp

A camp is a short stay as an international group in which free time activities, whether or not linked to a certain theme like sports or culture, are central. These activities are usually not funded by the European Programme.

A seminar

A seminar is an activity where a group of people comes together to share experiences of their work in youth projects and to develop their skills, for example in coaching or supervising young people or to improve trusted and continuous partnerships and quality standards for activities.


An activity called job-shadowing is in most cases a bilateral exchange between people responsible for youth work to share experiences and to improve partnerships.

Volunteering - European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

ESC activities are in most cases individual volunteering opportunities organised and supported by the European Programme. ESC activities are promoted through the Platform Network, but are also open to non Platform Network members. 

Platform Network Activities 2017 - Youth Exchanges.pdf

Poster of 2017 - Youth Exchanges

Platform Network Actvities 2017 - Voluntary Services.pdf

Poster of 2017 - Voluntary Services