Platform Network is an informal network for co-operation within the youth sector between regions, municipalities, countries in Europe, and was initiated in Luxembourg in 1986. Since then the Platform Network has every year been facilitating youth activities to fulfil the aims of youth mobility and the exchange of experiences.

What is the Platform Network?

Was ist das Platform Network?

Members are institutions or organizations within the youth sector that represent a country, a region or a local community. In principle there can be more than one member from a country, but not on overlapping levels of administration. - for more information click here -

The Platform Network Activities are mainly targeted to youngsters aged 13-30. The participants pay a participation fee and the travel costs. Often the organizers search for possibilities for cheaper joint local transport to the camp site. You can also inform yourself about possibilities to participate in an international camp in your own country. For additional information and registration always contact the Platform Network member organisation in your own country.

For additional information, see the contact-us–page and get in touch with us.
On the map you can see home towns of the Platform Network members (purple) and observers (green).

Platform Network Members